Slate is one of the most aesthetically pleasing and durable of all modern roofing materials. Installed properly, slate roofs require relatively little maintenance and will last 60 to 125 years or longer!

When it comes time to install a new slate roof on your building, you will be ahead of the game if you are using Goodman Construction, because we can supply more than just labor and materials for your roof. We will also assist with the selection of color, color blend proportion, manufacturer, and installation method. We can also devise an installation schedule that will fit your time constraints.

Goodman Construction regularly engages in complicated historical restoration roofing projects involving slate roofs and slate roof repair. Over the years we have developed special methods for removing existing roofs, saving a large percentage of the existing slates, and reinstalling them over your newly dried-­‐in and waterproofed roof (note that slate roofs last up to 100+ years!). In doing this, we will always end up with fewer slates than we started with for one of two reasons: either some were broken during removal (waste factor-­‐ we keep this as low as possible) or some were already broken from storms, wind, or impact debris. We then come up with the remaining amount of slates needed to finish your roof. Our solution for this is proprietary, but it saves you money!

Contact us to learn more about our process and the Oklahoma roofs that we have worked on.