Clay Tile

Clay tile roofs are some of the most distinctive and attractive you will ever see. This is due to the great variety of shapes, colors, profiles, patterns, and textures in which they are made. However, there are two things contrary to popular belief: first, they are fragile and can be broken easily. Second, the clay tile roof you see is not the primary water barrier that keeps water out of your building.

When it comes time to install a new clay tile roof on your building, you will be ahead of the game if you are using Goodman Construction, because we can supply more than just labor and materials for your roof. We will also offer to assist with color selection, blend proportion, manufacturer selection, and installation method selection. We can devise an installation schedule that will fit your needs. We paint the black and white picture (or Sunset Red, Empire Green, Brunswick Black, or Mediterranean Blue!) and you are left with simplified choices to make.

Goodman Construction also regularly engages in more complicated historical restoration roofing projects involving clay tile roofs. Over the years we have developed special methods for removing existing roofs, saving a large percentage of the existing tiles, and reinstalling them over your newly dried in and waterproofed roof (note that clay tiles last up to 100 years!). In doing this, we will always end up with fewer tiles than we started with for one of two reasons: either some were broken during removal (waste factor-­‐ we keep this as low as possible) or some were already broken from storms, wind, or impact debris. We then come up with the remaining amount of slates needed to refinish your roof. Our solution for this is proprietary, but it saves you money!

If you're interested in have a clay roof installed, talk to the experts at Goodman Construction for more information on how we can help you.